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How Maj consistently makes $80.000 per year from just one online course

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Maj Wismann $80,000I wanted to bring my good friend Maj Wismann on here. She’s a sexologist living in Denmark with her husband and two kids.

A sex-what-did-you-just-say-thank-you?

Bare with me, I didn’t bring her on here so she could help you with your sex life (I know that you my dear reader don’t have any issues in that area :)).

However I wanted to interview her on here, because of what she has done. You’ll hear her story in a minute, but what is interesting is that she succesfully completely changed her business.

From working with couples and individuals, she worked in the same manner as most people in her professionen do.

But unfortunately that didn’t scale well, so she started creating online courses. Fast forward to today and she no longer takes on clients, but only shares her knowledge through online courses.

Not only that, she has also been able to buy her dream house, and have more time with her family than she used to have when she was effectively selling her time.

So.. over to Maj…

So tell us a bit about who you are, and what it is you help people with?

Maj WismannMy name is Maj Wismann and I´m a sexologist and love expert in Denmark, and has had my own Clinic since 2006.

I help men and especially woman to get their sex drive back. The natural way. Not with medication.

This is my specialty and I have helped over 1000 of couples understanding why the sex drive is gone or low, and what they can do to get it back. 3 years ago I launched my bestselling online workshop “Get your sex drive back and keep it for life” in Denmark, and being able to help men, woman and couples online is the best thing that has ever happened for my clients and my life.

Why did you decide to change your business, going from working directly with couples and individuals to online courses and programs?

One of the thing I experienced in my Clinic was, that a lot of woman and men could not get their partner with them to a sexologist – they were afraid of what would happen, what I would say to them, if I would ask them to have sex, etc. etc. etc.

With my online workshops couples can sit at home and learn from me. I can take them through the process of getting their sex drive and lust back and it is cheaper for them, they can sit at home when the kids are sleeping, they can listen to it again and again, and they do not need a nanny or go home from job early to meet with me.

There are SO many benefits in the way I work now. It´s a total win/win for all.

What did you fear most about this transformation?

My biggest fear was that I would not be able to help them the way I planned to. My biggest purpose is to help these unhappy couples – and if I could not do that with my online workshops, I would have failed.

Therefore, I was really afraid that people would not “get it” and understand the new way I could help them and not give it a try.

But that fear was totally irrelevant. In Denmark I have run the online
workshop more than 22 times and every single time it has been sold out – it has really become a bestseller and relationship therapist and a lot of my sexologist colleagues tell their couples to take my online workshop and THAT is a compliment that I blushes about.

What did you struggle the most with?

The production of the workshop was really hard! I have spend over 300 hours producing content. And I would say that the online marketing around the workshop has been huge.

I produced a “product” that no one knew about – so they could not ask about it – because the only thing people knew was to go to the doctor or a sexologist if the sex drive was gone or low.

Nobody would look for an online workshop – because they did not knew it existed.

What products did you end up creating?

Get your sex drive back - Online Workshop in 4 modulesGet your sex drive back & keep it for life” An online workshop in 4 modules over 4 weeks and actually when I began to get these amazing and great feedback and thanks from couples, I decided to make another huge workshop about infidelity and how to move on as a couple or alone when you experience your partner is cheating on you, but it is still only in danish and is not translated yet.

What were the results?

Over 1000 danish couples have been through the workshop – it´s just above 500.000 danish krones a year on this one workshop. That’s about 80.000 us dollars per year on this single digital product.

And how has this changed your life?

Maj WismannIt has changed my life in so many ways. Professionally I can help so many more people online with my workshops, free Q&A´s with Ask Maj, my columns and articles – I have so many free ways people can get help from me.

And in my private life I have got the economic freedom I have dreamt about all my life.

This year we bought our dream house where I can have horses and my office, and I love to travel and now I´m able to travel around the world with my kids and husband.

Actually I´m sitting in London writing this because I´m travelling with some of my friends together for a huge conference, I could never had afforded that if I had not worked online.

How can people do the same thing that you did?

Well, if they have a business and they are used to teach and counsel others they can figure out how they can take that knowledge and put into an online workshop. They can test it on somebody, get feedback and make it even better.

What is the best tip you can give people who want to start creating
online course?

Talk to your customers about what their biggest problem is.

My customers biggest problem was a lack of sex drive or a low sex drive, and that problem gave the couples so many other problems.

And then you need to know, that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a really good online production.

It is not something you can do overnight.

If you really wanna help people you need to be thorough and take the time it takes.

Don´t jump over where it seems easiest. Take the time, do your online marketing, and give a lot of really good stuff away for free so people get to know you and see that they can trust you to help them.

There are loads of bullshit online – sorry to say – but a lot of people say that they can help, and they can´t and they don´t even care.

So of course you need to proof your worth. It´s logic. Do that and people will trust you to help them online and offline.

What is the best question I forgot to ask you (and what is the answer :))?

What is your plan now? What are you working on right now?

Right now I´m working on some really big and large free online guides to my international homepage to newborn mothers and fathers about how the sex life and the relationship often change after the first baby is born, and what you can do to keep having a great sex life and lots of love in your relationship (and avoid divorce in the long term).

Where can people find out more about you?

You can read more about me and “natural ways to get your libido back” 🙂

And on my homepage you can also sign up for my newsletter and get my E-book: “When sexuality plays up” for free + free email course – More than 15.000 in Denmark follows my free email course and I get thanks and poitive feedback every week.

So there you have it…

Now you might not have an issue with your libido ;), but I’m sure you can get some inspiration from Maj’s story. And hopefully I’ve giving you an example of how you can go from working 1 on 1 with clients, to freeing up your life by building online products!

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10 Responses to How Maj consistently makes $80.000 per year from just one online course

  1. What a super inspirational story! I’ve run two on-line courses for mothers and am launching another soon. Reading about the success of yours gives me great motivation to keep going! I’ll also bookmark your site and refer my mothers to it. They’ll especially appreciate your online guides for when baby is first born. Such an important topic. Well done!

  2. Susan Boggs says:

    Subject matter notwithstanding, I really appreciate this post Rasmus. We all (in freelancing/consulting) need to think about the value of our time and the depth of our knowledge. Sharing knowledge is so much more valuable at the end of the day, and so much more profitable for us. On my list for 2016, is creating a solid online course(s) that packages my knowledge. So much better for my time, and then I can help so many more in the process!

    Thanks for posting Maj!

  3. Sammy says:

    It takes a lot of effort at the beginning just to produce the content. Then it takes time to sell it online, which is even harder. But its very encouraging to see that there is out there some one who took the risk, and made it happen. A true inspiration!

  4. Moshe Chayon says:

    What was that hardest part about recording the videos? I’m assuming this is a video course. It’s hard for me to record myself in a video. What would you advice in my case?

    • rasmus says:

      Hey Moshe

      Actually, most of Maj’s courses are audio and text.

      When that is said, you basically have two ways of doing video.

      1) Recording your screen while doing a presentation and speaking. Here you just need PowerPoint (or Keynote on mac), a decent microphone like the Blue Yeti, and then something to record your screen. I’m using Screenflow (for mac), but for PC a lot of people are using Camtasia.

      2) Standing in front of the camera (direct to camera). Here you need a bit more gear. You can use your smartphone as most modern smartphones have decent full HD video cameras. But you will need lighting and audio. If you are using your phone to record with, I would recommend that you go with the RØDE SmartLav+, a small clip on (lavalier) microphone that is designed to to work with most smartphones.

      For lighting you need to get a set of “softboxes”, you can get a set of two for around $100.

      Good luck with your course.

  5. Christina says:

    Hi -there is so much great stuff for free on the Internet. So what do you do to get people to pay for something that someone else probably posted articles or youtube about for free? E.g. self improvement, coaching, life strategies. ..
    Best regards

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Christina

      It all comes down to specializing and positioning. Choose a narrow niche and then position yourself as the #1 in the prospects minds.

      For instance, I love how targets a specific target audience in the fitness industry (that also should be saturated).

      Also if you want more info in Danish on this, you should join my Danish newsletter over at


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