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About Me

I’m Rasmus. I’m a 38 year old guy from Denmark who decided that my life should be filled with more passion and less work.

I not a millionaire or drive a jaguar but I’m blessed with a beautiful girlfriend, two fantastic kids, great friends, an appetite for life and time to spend with them.

expectWhat can you expect

This site will help you reach the your next level in life.

To stop focusing on the 9-5 rat race game as the only way of living.

I’m passionate about showing you how to build a lifestyle business that can sustain your desired lifestyle.

Whether you want to travel to exotic islands with your family or race through Europe on a bike is all up to you. I’m only here to show the vehicle that will enable that to happen.

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Diego Zanella

diegoWhen I started watching the videos, I immediately noticed that this wasn’t the usual rehashed, boilerplate stuff that most lifestyle bloggers sell as revolutionary… It’s like going to school with a teacher who can make all topics interesting and who cares about you making the most out them.

Alec Wang

alecAfter watching module 4, I have to say that you are fantastic! And I can not wait for the rest of the teaching.

Linda Babulic –

lindaRasmus Lindgren has designed and developed a blueprint for getting from where you are now to where you want to go in a direct, straightforward way.

David Hehenberger

davidRasmus, I’m really impressed with the quality of the content in your course. I took multiple valuable pieces of information away that I’ll be implementing in my business starting today. Highly recommended.

Tansy B. Mathisen –

TansyThanks so much Rasmus!
I’ve been working for the last 6 months to launch my online business, and learn all the pieces I would need to make it successful. I’ve studied the work of some of the top online marketing gurus like Frank Kern and Brendon Burchard, and this is the BEST thing I’ve seen so far to help me, as a beginner, to actually get started.

My Story

I didn’t always have time. I used to work as an IT consultant and let’s be frank, if you know anybody in the IT industry, you probably also know that there is always more work and always another hard to reach deadline. So while it should have been a 9-5 on paper, the days could easily be longer.

I was a corporate IT consultant slave

While I was probably working a bit more than I should, I felt joy and pride in it. I was good at what I was doing, which meant recognition from my boss and my piers. Heck – someone might also even claim that I had a decent salary (I guess you always feel that you’re worth just a little bit more, right).

I guess my salary at that time was around $76,000 per year, which might not sound too shabby, but you have to remember that Denmark has one of the highest (if not the highest) taxation in the world.

Starting my first company

In 2007 a freelancer at my worked asked if I wanted to join him and create an IT consulting business together. As I had a ton of respect for him, I felt really honored that he asked me.

We complimented each other really well as we had different forces and weaknesses, but it also gave some tension on the direction we wanted to go in.

Kids change your priorities – time becomes your most treasured asset

Natascha and Cecilie in Hua Hin, ThailandIn late 2009 I got my first kid – my beautiful little princess Cecilie. And let’s be frank, when you start your own business you tend to work a bit harder as you are now directly in control of the money flow.

But getting a daughter also meant reflecting on my own role as a father. Growing up with an alcoholic father who died when I was 16, I knew that I wanted to be the best father I could possible be to her.

The 4 Hour Workweek inspired me like it has inspired thousands

The year before I had read Timothy Ferriss’ awesome “The 4 Hour Workweek” and had suddenly seen a completely different life from what most people was living.

So in the beginning of 2010 I decided that enough was enough, I wanted complete control over my own life and I sold my shares in the company.

However I still needed some money coming in – you don’t really get loaded from selling a 20% share in a company you’ve only been partner in for a couple of years.

Building a Lifestyle Business

Oliver in Hua Hin, ThailandSo I ended up doing what I knew best – I continued to do IT consulting. However now I was free to decide when I wanted to work, and I decided to slowly cut down on the hours I was working.

In my spare time I could now focus on building businesses that would better support my desired lifestyle and my desire for more time with my now two kids (my boy Oliver was born in the beginning of 2012) and passion in my life.

One of those businesses is an online agency creating e-commerce solutions for the Danish market. I do some selling and emailing, but the actual production is outsourced.

Spending months in Thailand each year

Rasmus and Cecilie in Hua Hin, ThailandI still work as an IT consultant 3-5 months per year but the rest of the time I can focus on being a dad first, working on crazy projects I’m passionate about like helping other people change their lives too or the luxury of simply sitting down and meditating.

In 2010 we bought a house in Hua Hin, Thailand where my family and I would spend our winters (as the Danish winter is dark, cold and depressing :)).

Last year my combined businesses had a revenue of more than $167,000

So Why the Retire My Ass Blog

I’m passionate about helping people break free of their 9-5 jobs and into a life of more freedom. Where it’s not about work/life balance but instead LIFE/work balance.

My recipe is building lifestyle businesses.

A lifestyle business is a business that supports your desired lifestyle.

This means that it’s a business you can run in your speedos from a Hammock on Bali or while you’re racing across Europe on bikes with a good friend.

One that you’re passionate about and one that will enable you to live your life on your own terms, not by the “society norm” or what other people believe is the right way to live.

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I really hope that you will share your own story by commenting one or more of my blog posts.


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