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Lifestyle Design

Evaluating Lifestyle Business Ideas

So you want to build yourself a business that can support your desired lifestyle? A business that once setup requires little effort from your side and let’s you travel the world in style? Well I want to discuss a model that I’ve taken from my book that’s almost ready to be published. The model isContinue Reading

The Autopilot Money Mindset

What if you could simply train your mind to attract money? I’m sure you can. Read on. Showering and a Revelation Today I kind of got a small revelation when I was drying myself up in a towel following my obligatory after run shower (I run in the mornings and yes… I sweat a lot…Continue Reading

The Thing That's Worth More Than Money

It’s funny how that when you look at our western culture we tend to identify ourself with how we make money, what we do for a living, what our JOB is. Well actually it’s not that funny since we (and I’m using we as a broad term as I don’t see myself in this groupContinue Reading

Want To Work With Me?

Want To Work With Me?

Want to work less and enjoy life more, and would like help with this? Well read on… Over the last couple of years, a lot of people have contacted me through the contact form on this page. Some with simple questions on a specific plugin I use on this blog, but most on how toContinue Reading

The Secret Of Productivity

Regular readers of this blog have probably noticed that I really like to focus on productivity (and more productivity) and getting shit done. It all boils down to that I’m a DO’er. The downside is that I really suck at planning and usually jumps right into the action without much preparation. While I do rememberContinue Reading

Mamma Said "Don't Curse"

Yeah I know… This might sound like one big ass rant… But I absolutely hate when people use the words “have to” or “should”. If you’re a person that uses these words a lot, then don’t worry, I don’t hate you or anything – but chances are that you are not really that much inContinue Reading

3 Strategies For Getting Out of the 9-5 Rat Race and Be Your Own Boss

So you want to start your own business but are unsure how to do this? In this post I will list 3 different strategies you can use and also give you an idea on when to use it. So you still have a “normal” 9-5 J-O-B like most people but want to quit the rat-raceContinue Reading

3 Things I've Learned From Not Having To Work All Year

Timothy Ferriss calls this Filling The Void. When you have your passive income (muses) setup, left your old 9-5 job and you basically no longer have to work, what do you do? I get the “But I love my job…” thing a lot – most of the time people find it difficult to actually thinkContinue Reading

3 Steps For Getting Things Done

You’ve probably been in a situation where you procrastinated some task or project. I’m a firm believer of the Getting Things Done book by David Allen, so I thought that I might share my thoughts on how I use this system myself. Instead of trying to remember the entire book, I’ve cooked it down toContinue Reading

Lifestyle Business Design Coach, say what?

This is what I want to do. Lately I’ve been doing informal coaching sessions and sparring with mainly solo entrepreneurs, and I absolutely love to inspire and being able to help people realize their dreams and goals. You could of course argue that a coaching business scales pretty badly because I have to sell myContinue Reading

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