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Change of blog theme and lessons learned

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As you might have noticed I’ve updated the design on the blog.

I went from the quite nice theme Dilectio to the cool ThrillingTheme by Cody McKibben for two reasons mainly.

  1. I really wanted something cleaner than the old theme that was a bit cluttered with all the nifty design elements
  2. I needed a change. The old theme had been on my blog from day one.

While this might sound like a small thing to do when you are using WordPress a few things went wrong.

WordPress removed all videos

Since my videos are all on YouTube and they are embedded with the standard “iframe” code, WordPress kindly removed this code from my posts as I went through all the posts and re-categorized them (I simply just changed category and hit “Update”).

I only discovered this half a day later. Not that I get that many hits on my old video posts, but still kind of crappy. If I enter some html… WordPress should be kind enough to leave it 🙂

The Redirection WordPress plugin f…. up

After I created a few new pages, suddenly all visits to the frontpage got redirected to this new page. Which is kind of crappy as it is a page I really wanted hidden for now as it involves a huge free give away to people subscribed to my list.

I am still not quite sure what went wrong, but the plugin was set up to insert a redirection from an old url to a new, if a post/page url changed. This might sound like a really good idea, but apparently it is not. After I found out what was wrong, it was simply going in and deleting the autogenerated redirect.

It actually also screwed up to, so now I simply turned that feature off entirely (the setting is called URL-monitoring and I set it to “Don’t monitor”).

Again crappy, because my frontpage for at last a couple of hours has been the special download page to my future free giveaway (hope you didn’t see too much).

Too much jQuery stuff (nerd alert)

If you don’t know what jQuery is, just ignore this. But the new theme basically ended up including two different versions up the javascript framework jQuery resulting in a shitload (250+) javascript errors.

Apparently an older version of jQuery is used for the tabs to the right in the design (so you can toggle between the tabs).

So I simply removed the old version file and updated the tab plugin, and everything worked fine, you my dear visitors need to download fewer big files and you don’t get to see a bunch of javascript errors.

Super Secret Free Give Away

So… you might have seen me mention a super secret free give away a few time in this post 🙂

Well I cannot reveal too much, but let’s just say that you get an awesome ebook (not just some crappy report) and two WordPress plugins totally free of charge! There are commercial competitors for these two plugins that charge up to $97 (per plugin), so I am extremely excited about this.

The people who signed up for my list already will be the first to know, but I will of course also update this blog as well!

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