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Don’t Stop to Scratch Your Balls!

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Don't stop to scratch your balls
Sorry ladies, I’m not quite sure that this post will rock your world. While I believe that the learning’s I experienced today is for everybody, I’m not quite sure that you will appreciate all the balls talk :).

On the other hand, if you want an insight into male nature as well as advice on starting your business, you are of course more than welcome to keep on reading.

In this post I will teach you one important rule, you must remember when building your business. The rule is simply

Don’t Stop to Scratch Your Balls

OK, what the … does your ball have to do with building or running a business you might ask?!

I’m glad you asked 🙂

It all begins during my Sunday morning run

Thank god for habits… I’ve been down with running nose, sore throat and difficulties swallowing for three weeks now (in varying degrees), and yet I still manage to follow most of my morning running and exercise routines.

This also means that I run 12-13 kilometers (sorry, I have no ideas how many miles that is) each Sunday, and my moment of eureka came to me during one of these runs.

Around the 7 km mark I suddenly had an itch from my crotch.

Yes, I’m sorry to spell it out like this, but I guess that the title should have given you an early warning.

While you might not regular read blog posts about other people’s balls itching, I’m pretty sure that you’ve felt your balls itch (well at least if you’re guy :)).

Now I know it isn’t socially acceptable to simply go for the crotch when with others, but when that’s said I’ve seen a lot of dudes scratching and pulling the crotch area of the pants when they thought no one was looking (or simply didn’t care).

Al Bundy, hand in pantsI’d say I’m normally a gentleman with my balls and not trying to do the Al Bundy move whenever I’m with other people.

But today I was pretty alone in my running and thought I could get away with a quick scratch on the balls to kill the itch.

This leads me to discuss “the how of ball scratching”… (Wait for it; I actually have a point about business very soon ;)).

The Ball Grip to rule them all

Three finger pinch I really didn’t go for a “scratch” I was more aiming at the “three finger pinch” at the itching area.

Now that might not seem like an optimal strategy and for the ladies reading this, I have to emphasize that only certain areas of the balls are “no pinching regions”.

But it was a quick decision to use a strategy that had worked really well in the past, however this time around it should prove to be less than optimal.

Oh, the pain…

I missed the spot…

Normally I would say that I can pretty much identify the exact area of the itching area, and hit it hard with a blindfold in a dark room, even without involving any brain neurons to speak of.

But what my brain to hand coordination had forgotten on this precise day, was that:

  1. It was pretty cold, and
  2. I was wearing running tights

These two facts meant that my balls weren’t exactly positioned like they used to be…. ‘Nuf said 🙂

And my otherwise well-meaning three finger pinch, missed their mark and instead grabbed (and pinched) a pretty sore area (oh it hurts just writing this).

My first impulse was to go into fetal position right there on the forest path I was running on.

But I didn’t!

And now we’re approaching my point, because as pain flowed into my system, one thought stayed in my brain.

I’m running, why should I let a freak accident like this stop me?

Yeah I know, I’m probably pretty stubborn, but my point is that I was out running and if I was this as an excuse, what would be my next excuse for stopping.

This “accident” wasn’t related to my running activity, so why should I let stop me?!

What your balls can teach you about creating your own business

Wow you’ve made it this far :).

When you’re building a new business you need

  • Focus,
  • persistence and
  • an optimistic view of the future

And the lessons my balls taught me today were…

  • Don’t let trivial and unrelated tasks slow you down
  • Don’t let resistance and pain stop you, it’s a natural part of building a business

Life is complex and doesn’t stop just because you’ve decided to create a business.

So don’t let all the static and background noise stop from your life stop you or even slow you down in your quest!

Go out kick ass, focus on the positive and ignore all the crap life or other people are sending in your direction!

Oh, and be careful if you ever try the three finger pinch on your balls!

Medical “Ball Busting” disclaimer

Please note I’m no medical professional (some would probably argue that I’m not even a professional ;)) so if you feel stressed and burned out, it’s probably a good idea to listen to what it is your body tries to tell you, and go visit a doctor.

I’m certainly not advocating that you run yourself down. Building a business is a marathon, not a short sprint so there’s no idea in burning yourself out. Or to keep the analogy below the waistline, don’t piss yourself to get warm, you’ll freeze again in 2 minutes (and look like fool on top of that). Hmm, that reminds of a certain new year’s eve, but I guess that’s a totally other story 🙂

What did you take from this post?

Or did you just have a laugh?
If you made it this far and would like your friends to laugh at my balls, I would really appreciate if you liked or shared this post.

And don’t hesitate to write a comment if you’ve ever missed a three finger crotch pinch .

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8 Responses to Don’t Stop to Scratch Your Balls!

  1. Jan Koch says:

    Interesting comparison Rasmus 😉
    Though I’m not a runner but do calisthenics and play table tennis, I can relate to those kinds of situations haha

    It’s true that we need to focus on our main activities when building our businesses. There are just so many distractions screaming for our attention.

    One thing that changed my life and boosted my productivity was implementing Getting Things Done by David Allen. Each evening I prioritize the most important tasks for the next day. I check my inbox at 10am and 2pm, and funnel all new tasks into my GTD inbox, so that they’re in the system and I can’t lose track of them.

    That really boosted my business, most of my business partners and clients are regularly surprised how effective I became at handling their requests 😀


    • rasmus says:

      Thanks for tipping in Jan.

      Yeah, Gettings Things Done is a great system. I actually use Things for mac and iPhone to run my tasks, however I’m pretty bad at revisiting the stuff that I postpone.

      Once it’s out of my Next queue it rarely gets done 😉


  2. Mark Finney says:

    Nice post.

    You got me thinking about running as an analogy and I’d say the hardest thing about running is getting out of the door in the first place. Once you have your kit and shoes on it’s way easier to get out on the road. What stands in the way? Maybe I don’t feel like running today, I just know that I should. Perhaps I can’t decide which shirt to wear or where to go once I’m out the door. My business problem is similar; I’m working up to launching something new, but there are too many decisions and variables and my head is spinning with it. Also, I suppose I’m not entirely convinced I actually want to do it, more that I SHOULD. What’s the best way to get out of the door in your opinion?


    PS It’s “crotch” not “crouch” the latter is when you make your body small and close to the ground
    PPS 12-13K is 7.5-8 miles.

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment and thank you for fixing my spelling 🙂

      I totally agree with you that the hard part with running is getting out of the door, so just making it a habit to get the shoes on and out the door, will get you running…

      So what is the same thing when it comes to business?

      First up it kind of depends on where you are in the process. Do you already know what you’re creating? Or are you still in the “idea phase”?

      If you feel like you have too many options, focus on just the next step!

      What is the one action you can take that will bring you closer to your goal?

      Also if you want to get your “running shoes on” in your business, here’s an exercise you can try.

      The whole idea of getting your shoes on and out the door is that 1) the barrier is low, everybody can put on a pair of shoes and 2) once you start something you want to complete it as well.

      So if you take those two principles, you can do the following exercise in your business.

      1) Decide on the most important task that will bring your business forward (what’s the next step – focus on what you CAN do, right now – low barrier of entry), 2) set the timer for 1 hour where you ONLY work on this task (you start something and you want to complete it).

      Hope it helps 🙂

      • Mark Finney says:

        Hey Rasmus,

        Thanks for your reply and words of wisdom. I am happy to report that I “got my running shoes on and I am out of the door.” The road ahead for 2015 looks great.

        All the best for the New Year


  3. Simo Taki says:

    Thanks for the post, while we’re still in the “balls” talk, a thought crossed my mind : The balls can also symbolize “tasks”, “mission”, “business”…etc.

    If you have balls to scratch (business to do), just scratch it and forget about the fact that it’s not socially acceptable. Do whatever you set yourself to do, and if you have a business problem, forget about people presence, and scratch it.

    People who scratch their balls in public are the ones who succeed, most of us make people’s influence as an excuse for not achieving our dreams, most people suffer that itch for long, because we think people will be freaked out.

    Just an idea that crossed my mind, thank you so much

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