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Exotic Getaways for Online Entrepreneurs

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exotic getaways for entrepreneurs

If you look closely, yes we're on Facebook. It was midnight after a handful of beers. Procrastination was allowed :)

If you look closely, yes we’re on Facebook. It was midnight after a handful of beers. Procrastination was allowed 🙂

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a wonderful city with a lot of things to both see and do. However, we weren’t there to see the “La Sagrada Familia” church that has been underway for more than 100 years. We weren’t there to fill up on tapes, pintxos and vermouth (although we did go all in on tap as one evening). Heck wasn’t even there to see FC Barcelona play on Camp Nou Stadium.

So what were we doing from Monday to Friday in Barcelona?

We were working….

Instead of sitting home in Denmark, we decided to move our office to Barcelona for five days and get a change of scenery.

But why spend money to go somewhere like Barcelona, simply to work?

Good question.

Being interviewed for a US radio show. Live from Barcelona :)

Being interviewed for a US radio show. Live from Barcelona 🙂

It was not like there was something in Barcelona that did that it had to be there. We could pretty much have chosen any location.

We went because

  • It allowed us to focus 100% on a given task or project.
    When we’re home there are thousands of distractions and tasks that requires (or simply steals) our attention. When we’re away we can to a much higher degree set the agenda.
  • The synergy of working right next to each other.
    While we were only two guys traveling together, we were still able to get help from one another
  • Accountability
    We knew were there to kick ass and do shit, so if the other person would procrastinate for more than 5 minutes, it was ok to gently remind him that he was there to do awesome stuff.
  • And then we did manage to see Germany wipe out Brazil 7-1 in the semifinals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on the big screen while eating tapas and drinking beer out of oversize glasses 😉

It’s great to get away with a common goal (although we’re working on our own projects) and be able to focus 100% on this.

Finding a cheap place to stay

Barcelona apartmentWe ended up finding an apartment right on La Rambla that is a popular street in the center of the old town, popular with both tourists and locals.

If you’re interested we paid around $100 per night in this apartment.

Our host was great, although the apartment did have an issue with the Internet connection. Well, there is not so much of a problem with the Internet, as there weren’t any (even though it said so in the airbnb listing).

The apartment was “between connections” so to speak 🙂

So our host went out and found a 3G modem we could use. And while it was ok for the usage we needed, I did have to re-schedule a webinar I was going to do one of the days, for when I was home again.

(Please notice that I’m sure that the apartment will have Internet as you read this, so that shouldn’t hold you back from renting it!)

So in the end we did have to spend $500 in total on accommodations and some cheap airfare tickets but it was totally worth it to be able to focus and get a change of scenery.

I got to re-launch my Danish site (and if you can read Danish by all means check it out here :)), while Jon my traveling companion got his first info product online (and even made is first sale – yeah).

If you’re into workplace happiness and positive psychology you definitely want to check out his English site at (or Danish site at

The structured version of moving your office

project getaway logo

I first heard of Project Getaway in 2010. That was when they held their first event where a small number of online entrepreneurs located in Bali for I believe it was six weeks.

While this has now changed to 30 days, the concept is still the same.

A total for 20 adventurous mainly IT start-up oriented entrepreneurs get to spend 30 days in luxury villas in Bali. Complete with chefs preparing all their meals and scheduled tours all through the period.

The focus is of course that each person will work on his or her own business or product, but with so many like-minded people in one place, an atmosphere of helping each other and networking is bound to materialize.

The project was started by Michael Bodekaer, a fellow Dane, who simply decided to stay in Bali instead of coming home.

Workaway Camp

workaway-campThis is another project started by a Danish guy (Nikolaj Astrup Madsen). I know several people who have participated and I’m considering doing it myself.

It’s only seven days, so more suitable for people like me with kids who don’t want to be on the road away from them for something like a month.

The next Work away Camp is actually located in a luxury villa just north of Barcelona. I guess that Spain has this great mix of being just a couple of hours away from Denmark, all while have great weather (and food).

Another common trait with Project Getaway is that they also have a chef preparing all meals.

I guess that the organizers know that the most important thing for online entrepreneurs is FOOD (and internet – not necessarily in the at order ;))

Location independent entrepreneur?

If you’re a location independent entrepreneur you also want to join Dynamite Circle that is a community for just that. They also organize a number of Meetups all over the world where you can hang out with like minded-people as well as participate in awesome seminars and lectures.

There are some extremely cool cats in there 🙂

A disclaimer: I’m a member of Dynamite Circle!

Moving the office

So getting away has never been easier, with low cost airfare, airbnb and projects basically organizing everything, there is no excuse for going, getting that network of awesome like minded people and kicking some ass on your personal projects.

Have you ever re-located your office?! If so let me know your experiences below!

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