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Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy Review

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Last week I attended Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy in Santa Clara, CA, as I went into this pretty much without expectations because I hadn’t any prior knowledge of the guy beforehand.

If you want to know more and get some free training, you can go to Experts Academy Here.

A lot of the stuff I found about him online prior to the event, was just affiliates pushing his products, so it wasn’t quite unbiased reviews.

The Millionaire Messenger

The only thing that I had before I went was his book “The Millionaire Messenger” that was given to me by the same guy who invited me to the event (he’s a member of Brendon’s “Empire Group”).

So I read the book and found it “OK”. It’s not on my obsolete must read (link) list, but it was not bad either. Basically his message was that you can live of your expert knowledge. One of the points I resonated most with was the different types of experts.

  • The Result Expert
  • The Research Expert
  • The Role Model

I know many people who want to know “everything” within a domain before they want to go out and start sharing that knowledge, or perhaps felt that they have to have generated millions before they can help others have financial success.

In this quest they tend to forget (and I’m certainly prone to this as well) that they already know more than 99% of other people, and the 99% could most certainly benefit from their knowledge. It also was a wake-up call to me. I do not have to work only “4 hour workweeks” before I can start teaching people what I know. I already have a life where I work less than 99% of people with a job, so why not go out there in the world and inspire and grow people? It is something that I’m really passionate about.

During the seminar it actually came out that Brendon wrote the book in 13 days, which I guess shows at bit. It’s a short read and probably compiled of knowledge that he had readily on hand because of his many seminars.

It is also clear that the books serve as the low tier product that he uses to pull people into his “product funnel” (or “integrated product suite” as he calls it). Before people hands over the $2000 for a seminar or one of his online products, Brendon needs to establish trust, and he does this by low tier products such as books (his next book is already scheduled to be written).

The Seminar

So I basically not knew what this was all about. As I wrote I got the ticket for free because I was invited by an Empire Group member, so I *only* had to pay for plane ticket and hotel.

Because of this it was also difficult to be disappointed in any way as I had absolutely no expectations whatsoever.

All that I’ve concluded from reading the book and talking with my friend who invited me, was that the seminar was about how to establish yourself as an expert and create information products in that expert domain. This is something that I resonate well with as I’m currently trying to do with eBooks and membership sites.

At the seminar there was a handout that was pretty much the PowerPoint presentation that Brendon used, although every other line included something that should be filled in. Except for the fact that I really don’t like presentation (PowerPoint/keynote) that uses a lot of bullet points, it kind of worked well with the whole “fill in the blanks” of the handout. This kept the audience waiting for the next bullet to be revealed so they could fill it into their handout. It also prevented people from reading ahead in the handout and thereby not listening to what was being presented.

I can see myself using this same handout format in the workshops I give myself.

Brendon of course went into the mindset you should have in order to position yourself as an expert and to create products. He also went into how to create your brand, how to design and structure your content, what kinds of products you can create (online and offline but with a focus on online products).

There was also information on how to actually create the content and this was something I found really interesting, as I guess most of us know all this stuff about a given area, but not quite sure on how to structure it so other people can learn from it.

There was also a strong focus on how to market the products. He also went into details on doing launches and how he has used JV partners (or promotional partners as he calls them). The model he proposes is almost identical to Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula” model. I really liked how he actually went into the actual content of each of free videos leading up to the launch (the model suggests having free content that is released up to the launch).

Another thing he went into was list building. Most people in the IM industry agree that “the money is in the list”. He shared some interesting statistics about the use of images in the mails he sent out. As many marketers he spends a lot of time split testing different combinations – and he has done a lot with email. It’s also nice seeing one that isn’t just using plain text 50 characters wide pure marketing spam email like it seems most people in the IM industry is doing.

On the email subject, they also talked about open rates, and that actually made me consider moving to iContact, as it seems that have rather high open rates compared to the competition (the idea is here that you get more opens because they are better at avoiding the spam folder).

But who knows right? If you’ve tried multiple auto responder systems and have input on open rates I would love to hear from you.

He also covered a little bit on how to spend your time. The interesting thing here is that basically said that 70% of your time should go with marketing related tasks and only 20% should go with creating the actual product!

Overall I think it was a great seminar. One thing that I didn’t expect was all the awesome people there. I met many inspiring people and Brendod did a great job at facilitating the conversation and networking through group exercises and requesting that we found new people to talk with for each exercise.

You also got time for networking in all the breaks, and I had lunch with different people every day.

As one curious thing… I actually met another guy there who is named Rasmus and who lives in Denmark. It actually started when a guy talked to me like we’ve just spend a couple of hours chatting and I didn’t know what he was talking about (we all had name tags on). So I slowly realized that there were another “Rasmus” at the event, so in a break I scouted through the crowd for another good looking tall guy (I mean, he must look like me right?! :)). Cool to find another Dane at the event.

Fantastic Surprise Guest Speakers

Apparently Brendon got a lot of cool friends, and he persuaded a few to pop by and talk to the crowd. So the following list of people stopped by.

  • Debbie Ford (author to more books than I can count :))
  • Frank Kern (the most laid back guy in IM – he gave some solid content while saying “fuck” every 30 seconds… he was in short… awesome)
  • Scott Hoffman (Brendon’s agent – on book deals)
  • Rick Frishman (publicist – also on book deals)
  • David Hancock (also in the publishing biz like the other two)
  • Bo Eason (former NFL player – now actor, writer etc. Did his entire Broadway show on stage!)
  • David Bach (author of 9 NY Times bestsellers)

I might have forgotten one as there was a lot of guest speakers, so if you was at the seminar and remember anyone I’ve forgotten please let me know.

The seminar lasted for four days (the two first of them was very long and not many breaks) and I think it was awesome. If nothing else – I came home super inspired really wanting to take action, and you cannot put a price on that πŸ™‚

Brendon is a fantastic speaker and I took a lot of notes only on how he worked the stage.

The “Expert’s Academy” seminars seem to evolve, as some had also attended previous “Expert’s Academy” seminars and could confirm that there was a lot of new stuff, so it seems like Brendon is putting effort into making each event better than the last.

Were You At The Event?

If you were at Expert’s Academy I would love to hear what you thought of it and if you found it as fantastic as I did πŸ™‚

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66 Responses to Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy Review

  1. Jesse says:

    I was able to attend the event and thought it was truly incredible. There was a lot of energy at the event.

    • Rasmus says:

      Hey Jesse. Totally agree :). What was your biggest take away?

      • Anabell says:

        Rasmus….thank you so much for this post. Granted this was almost a year and a half ago that you attended but nonetheless informative. I’m considering attending Brendon’s next Expert’s Academy and I want to make sure it’s worth the $2k. I just downloaded your e-book. Looking forward to reading it!!!

        • Rasmus says:

          I don’t think that the content/model changes that much. One thing to notice is that he is often giving away free tickets to the event as a bonus if you buy another product from him (or if you buy one of his friend’s products that he is pushing as an affiliate).

          He is currently launching the Experts Academy Online so if I were you I would sign up to see if there were some interesting bonuses with this (if you’re already thinking about spending $2k on EA)

          • Anabell says:

            Rasmus….you rock! Thanks for this info too! I signed up on this new video you sent the link to.

            I had no idea he was making an online school for EA. I’m sure it would be just as good (and hopefully less expensive.)

            Look forward to learning more about your products too πŸ™‚

        • Rasmus says:

          Great you could use it πŸ™‚

          Just know that the link I sent you is an affiliate link. If you end up buying EA (at least the online one) I will be paid a commission.

          However I would not recommend this unless I believed in Brendon’s products.

          If you want to see my own product (where I use a lot of the stuff Brendon teaches) you can go over to πŸ™‚

          • Anabell says:

            Rasmus….that’s great to know. I’m fine with you getting a part of the sale. It’s very fair since you referred me.

            I just signed up for your lifestylebusinessmastermind website and watched your two videos. They’re great! I also “liked” you on Facebook.

            I really like your ideas. I’ll keep in contact with you. I hope to work with you in the future Rasmus! (below is my personal/current work Facebook page.

            Take care and thanks again πŸ™‚


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  3. Clint says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

    I’m looking at doing his Experts Academy. Looks great!

    • Rasmus says:

      Hi Clint

      Thanks for commenting. Brendon knows his stuff and he can deliver the message so you get inspired to take action πŸ™‚

      Perhaps we’ll run into each other at some event.

  4. Marcie says:

    Thanks for your review. I will actually consider attending next year. Like you, I didn’t know what to expect and really didn’t want to spend money that wasn’t worth the investment.

    • Rasmus says:

      Hi Marcie, it’s highly recommendable. Also remember that Brendon sometimes gives out free tickets to EA when he’s promoting other products (so you’ll probably still end up paying but you’ll get more for your money :)).

  5. Karuna says:

    I’ve bought Brendon’s EA program which came with two free tickets to his live event. I live in California so I am looking at attending the event in March 2014 in Santa Clara. My question is whether or not it is really worth it. I have doubt for two reasons:

    1. I’m covering the content in the program he sent to me (duplicated on the EA site for members)

    2. A large crowd of people. I’ve done these before where there are 100s of people and not so “personal”.


    • Rasmus says:

      Hi Karuna

      I have only been to the actual event in Santa Clara so can’t comment on the online program.

      But a couple of things you will get from the physical event are:

      – tons of motivation. Brendon is a great speaker.

      – meet great people with the same goals as you. Networking opportunity.

      I know that most people go home with a lot more motivation than they had when they came. And if you’re gonna build something awesome it’s a good thing to be fired up.

      When I was there we were about 700 people but since I was there on a VIP ticket I was placed in one of the first three rows, so I had a great view. However the seats are not numbered or anything (at least not when I was there) so if you try to get in fairly quickly each day, you can get excellent seats.

      If you’re not planning on using them you could also try and sell them :). I’m at least considering going again.

  6. chris jackson says:

    He doesn’t let you forward his 37 minute video to get to the info at the end of the video. What a freaking annoying thing to do. Terrible marketing. Wouldn’t want to learn from him.

    • Rasmus says:

      Hi Chris

      Unfortunately everybody.

      If you want to sell something (and he does) you need to guide people through this sales pitch to make people ready to buy. If you can just skip to the end to get the price, then people wouldn’t probably buy.

      But please do not have this one small technical issue distract you from the value he’s providing.

      He’s sharing a ton of quality content in his free videos, so you should probably still be able to get a few golden nuggets even if you don’t intend on buying from him.

  7. Sherry says:

    I’ve been to several of Brendon Burchard’s events and they are the best out there! Best content and training programs. EA was amazing in November, 2013 and like you said, the networking is amazing. My heritage is Danish and I met two from Denmark when I was there. If you implement what he teaches, the results could be amazing:)

    • Rasmus says:

      Hi Sherry

      Thank you for sharing your experience – and great that you ran into other people from Denmark πŸ™‚

      • J Degnon says:

        Hey Rasmus:
        Guess what, the is shut down! There’s a “Domain for Sale” imprint! Really impressed, NOT!. Do yourself & everybody else a favor & keep it down on all this BS. We’re looking at the 2013 version of “Let’s Get Rich..” by buying a box of motivational tapes. All the average honest & sincere person get’s is he or she’ll be out of $2000.00 & a boat load of disappointment!
        Integrity cannot be bought my friend!
        Jack D.

  8. Duff says:

    Rasmus and Sherry (FB friends), I’m Danish too! Yes, Scottish name. Any idea how to grab a ticket to the March 2014 event?

    • Rasmus says:

      Hey Duff

      The only way is really to opt in to Brendon’s newsletter list. There is never really a page where you buy a ticket. It’s always a launch where you get a lot of free content and then get presented with an offer to buy the tickets.

      Signup here

  9. Louise says:

    I’m wondering if there’s another EA this year? Brendon has a new push on for his EA online course that includes a ticket to the event but I wondered about dates, since I can’t make March.

    Great post, thanks Rasmus. I’m off to check out your website and offers..

    • Rasmus says:

      Hi Louise

      Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I cannot remember the dates for this year EA, sorry. If I find them somewhere I will shoot you an email πŸ™‚

  10. Crissy says:

    Anyone going to Santa Clara who is not using their guest ticket? We want to get one more person from our company to attend and tickets are not sold ala carte. Will pay your $97 course materials fee, chair massage, and lunch. 832-628-4233.

  11. Rasmus,

    You really inspire me. It seems like your taken principals your already learnedβ€” even before going to BB’s seminar, and you’re doing it.

    I’m on the road, and gearing up to get a product up soon. I’m just still in that research stage, trying to figure out the best options, i.e. JVZoom, Gumroad, DigiResults, OptimizePress, etc. Any recommendations? Thx


    • Rasmus says:

      Hey Robb

      Thanks buddy πŸ™‚

      Regarding platform it really depends on what you want to sell.

      But for billing and affiliate management I currently use and recommend a system called

      It’s not known much in the US however it’s a really awesome system.

      For sale pages I mainly use OptimizePress hiwever I’m reall not that fond of version 2 so I might change this in the future.

      If you would like to chat shoot me an email through my contact page and let’s jump on Skype πŸ™‚

  12. gar says:

    Kinda scary the 80-20 split of time to spend creating the product and marketing it. This is unfortunately what’s become the standard for internet marketing today – slam something together that sounds like something people will buy, then market the hell out of it.

    I’ve got a collection of them. Some were fairly inexpensive and some were expensive. Not
    much difference in value. Difference is often the fact that a chunk of money is being paid out to affiliates and joint venturers to sell it.

    • Rasmus says:

      Hi Gar

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Marketing IS important. You can have the most fantastic product but if no one knows about it, you can’t help anybody with it.

      The old “If you build it, they will come” never works in the real world πŸ™‚

      One of the reasons I like Brendon is that he always over-delivers and is way more ethical than a lot of the others in his field.

      Even his free content is awesome and most of the time, you can actually learn a lot from simply watching his free videos.

      His way of promoting his products is typically using JV partners, but that is how the game is. You want to reach as many as possible and when your friends have hundreds of thousands of emails on their lists, then you of course leverage this.

      The only problem is that he has to return the favor and promote their products as well.

      Have you tried any of his events or products?


  13. malvin says:

    Hi Rasmus, that’s for the review. I’m thinking of buying the BB’s Expert Academy but I was wondering if you ever used Kajabi? they seem to have a free training that helps you put the product together and market it. Will most of the Experts Academy be duplicated in Kajabi’s training. I noticed in the past that BB was using Kajabi. what are your thoughts on this platform?

    • rasmus says:

      I look at Kajabi when it first came out. It’s easy to use however I’ve preferred other solutions.

      However I haven’t seen there training so I cannot tell you if there is an overlap.

      However Kajabi was really created to create “product launch” (Jeff Walker) style launches.

      However experts academy is also about networking and there is a great energy over all the four days.


  14. Nice write up Rasmus. I have been following Brendon for a while. I think many people with the business model of experts teaching experts how to be experts. haha. But in reality it is the action taken that separates the success stories from the failures and complainers.

    • rasmus says:

      Brendon also has other products/niches, like “The World’s Best Speaker Training” and “High Performance Academy”. He’s basically a productivity ninja, and is fantastic on a stage and video (if you ever wanted to learn that :)).

      I think that kind of make him stand out for the “making money on teaching people to make money” crowd πŸ™‚

      And yeah, it’s all about taking massive action and kicking some serious butt!

      – Rasmus

  15. Todd Bartlett says:

    I am curious if anyone here has any thoughts on Brendon’s coaching / training / processes as it would relate and benefit anyone NOT looking to launch a product / NOT looking to make more money / NOT looking to build some big thing? I am a 40 year old entrepreneur looking to be better and more effective at what I am already pretty good at. I have been running a consulting firm for 22 years and I just work too hard and too much! I want to work smarter and more efficiently and effectively. I am actually looking to make less money if it will allow me to lead a life of greater significance. Any thoughts from any one here?

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Todd

      It kind of depends. Experts Academy is really about how to break through as an expert and in the end make more money I guess.

      However his new program Achievement Accelerator is probably more relevant to you.

      Check it out here (depending on when you’re reading this comment, the link might not work!)


  16. Pam says:

    I am debating to attend accelerator course ( have to sign up in a few hours) I am with a wonderful network group with tons of material and support. I just need to learn how to “close” and be more effective with my answers back to people. After reading posts here… I feel I can get lots of this from watching Brendan while he trains… Which I am now doing. Sometimes my brain gets overloaded and then all is fragmented and nothing gets done! Advice? Attend or too much overload? Thanks

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Pam

      Thank you for commenting, while I don’t think the Accelerator course is about sales and “how to close” I do believe it’s a fairly good deal. I’ve actually purchased it myself πŸ™‚

      However it’s probably more about motivation and “high performance”.

  17. Sharon Stephens says:

    I found Brendon Burchard’s sales tactics to purchase his program VERY high pressured and he manipulates you if you continue listening all the way through his videos by touching on just about everyone’s sensitive areas. His sales pitch goes on and on; he almost doesn’t take NO for an answer. You keep getting a Last Chance offer, then you get another Last Chance offer. While I’m sure he has good motivational content, the price of his program is too high … for me at least.

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Sharon

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Everybody in sales will use some kind of sales tactics.
      When that is said, his products are typically really good and he over-delivers every time.

      Also regarding the price. His programs are typicall $2000 and up (both the live Experts Academy event, but also his online products like The Total Product Blueprint). His current product (about personal motivation and performance) is actually the first product he’s priced lower ($497 I believe it is), so this is a perfect time to try one of his products.


  18. Julie says:

    Thanks for your insights on Brendon’s seminar. Just a sidenote… would you please run a spellcheck or have someone proof read your articles before posting, I almost didn’t read the whole thing as a result of the number of spelling errors. It would be a shame to have people not read your content because of that, which could be easily rectified. Thank you and all the best!

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Julie

      Thank you for your comment and the input on my spelling :).

      This is one of my older articles from before I got an editor on board… But you shouldn’t be made to read all my crappy spelling, so I’ve asked her to go through this article as well to see if we can’t raise the quality a bit.

      I hope to see you at one of Brendon Burchard’s events.


  19. Brendon is truly a masterful teacher. His passion and enthusiasm comes through in his teaching.

  20. Alex Hunting says:

    Hey Rasmus, have you ever heard about or been to the High Performance Academy live event done by Brendon? I’m not sure what to expect or bring to the one I’m going to in March. Would love to hear about anyone’s experience with that one and what suggestions there are on what to bring/how to prepare for the event.

    • rasmus says:

      Hej Alex

      Nope sorry, I haven’t been to High Performance Academy Live (HPA). However I will be going in March as well. Let’s hook up if you’re there as well πŸ™‚


  21. Gail Sas says:

    Thank you for posting this review on Brendon’s seminar. I didn’t attend, but I am fairly knew to Brendon’s teachings.

    I have to say that if I sat there and Frank Kern spewed out his language choices repeatedly, I would get up and leave. Where on this planet did that type of word choices became acceptable is beyond me. Personally I find it insulting to my intelligence and to the person using it! Why do people choose to use it in such a public arena is beyond my education. I didn’t grow up I the gutter and I don’t expect to be treated like I did. No one on a professional level should be exposed to someone’s lack of respect! But respect for others seems to be history! Just had to vent! Gail

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Gail

      Well, it wasn’t that bad. I guess that it’s just Frank Kern to be a bit of a “enfant terrible”.

      However when that is said, he’s really knows his stuff and you can learn about sales and marketing from him πŸ™‚


      • Gail Sas says:

        Hi Rasmus: Thanks for filling me in. I still think I could learn sales and marketing without having to hear all that lingo mixed in! πŸ™‚ Gail

  22. William says:

    Hi Rasmus,

    Thanks for reviewing Experts Academy. I am going to High Performance Academy this month and I hope we connect there. I’m not Danish or blonde but I am tall. I just signed up for your newsletter and look forward to reading your e-book. I like the way you have responded to people in this list, with respect and authenticity.

    I have had a number of roles in my life that provide income. Now I am “reclaiming my agenda” and re-inventing a “lifestyle” business. Brendon is one of the people I follow. Whether I go to Experts Academy in the future is undecided at the moment. My current goal is to choose and develop one information business while establishing healthy, supportive rituals.

    • rasmus says:

      Hi William

      Sorry about my late response, I’ve had a house full of sick kids…

      Sure let’s hook up on HPA, shoot me an email through my contact form with your phone number and I can text you :). I expect to arrive Wednesday afternoon.


  23. Olivene says:

    I have not been to this particular workshop, but I have been to many of this type of thing. They all leave you with a mountain top-like experience for a few days; but it is rarely, if ever, sustainable. If you find one that will motivate a truly lazy person to get up out of bed and earn millions then please call me…collect!

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Olivene

      Absolutely, Brendon’s seminars will leave you on a (very) high note. But it all comes down to taking action!

      After I went to Brendon’s Experts Academy, I’ve published a book (writing on my second right now), released multiple online courses and a high level coaching program.

      So he did inspire me to get of my ass πŸ˜‰


  24. Jen says:

    There are SO MANY lifestyle/business coaches out there (T. Harv Ecker, Michael Hyatt, Jefferson Santos, etc.) and I’m honestly overwhelmed. I just saw Brendon’s video about his online high performance academy for $1k. I have a lot of ideas, but I would like to find people who know more than me to help me get on the path to monetizing my message instead of me trying to figure it out myself. I just don’t know which one to turn to or how much money is too much to pay. I also don’t want to waste any on fluff where they’re only using the cheap one to try to pitch and pressure an even “better” $25k program…you know how that goes. Suggestions? Thoughts?

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Jen

      Thanks for commenting.

      While I currently don’t market it much (as it’s not my primary business), I also provide help on building a lifestyle business. Both through my program The Lifestyle Business Mastermind ( that is more selfstudy, and through working directly with me.

      If you’re interested in working directly with me, you’re welcome to book a free strategi session to see if we’re a match.


  25. Suzana says:

    Hi Rasmus, thank you for reviewing the seminar. I am considering joining Brandon’s academy for $997. Apart from attending the live event, have you used his material? Is it more geared towards business or life in general? I wonder if it’s worth the investment. Thank you!

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Suzana

      I’ve attended Experts Academy and recently also High Performance Academy (as well as one of his online products).

      Experts Academy as you can see in this review is very much geared toward building a business. High Performance is much more about your life (although you business if you have one, also will benefit from it).

      So it kind of depends what you really want to improve πŸ™‚

      After I attended Experts Academy, I have written and published a book, and created several online courses (and I’m currently writing on my second book). So Experts Academy was somewhat of a turning point for me.


      • Suzana says:

        Thank you, Rasmus! I am totally new to his teachings. I actually first heard of him when he was interviewed by Tony Robbins. Not sure which academy he’s offering as part of the $997 deal. I just got an email today that you get a package plus tickets to the live event. I am trying to start a business but feel mentally paralyzed so I guess I should invest the $997. Thanks again! Where can I find your book and online courses?

        • rasmus says:

          I believe that Brendon is currently doing a launch of his High Performance Academy (that I attended myself a couple of months ago) πŸ™‚


  26. Gen says:

    Hi Rasmus, I read about Brendon before and have always considered him to be a person the rich people would pay for but now he has posted an incredible offer for $997 to have a five week course with him, a years membership in his group, a book that cost $ 25,000…, two free tickets to a California conference and something else, I’m so overwhelmed by it all as many wise people say “if it sounds too good to be true, then it is”!! What are your thoughts on a young union worker now that has many many dreams to fulfill to serve her life’s purpose, would Brendon ‘scam’ me or is this the break I’ve been waiting for?

    • rasmus says:

      Hey Gen

      First, I’ve participated in two of his live events and also bought one of his online programs.

      His online stuff is usually really good. He always packs with a ton of stuff.

      If you’re talking about his current High Performance Academy launch, if your getting tickets for the four day seminar as part of the 995 deal, I think it’s a really good offer.

      (I’ve done HPA a couple of months ago myself).

      If you enjoyed my review your welcome ordering through my affiliate link here:

      I will be paid a small commission (however that is not why I recommend his stuff)

  27. sΓΈren says:

    Brendon just have at problem about information for people there is not from the USA. I am also from Denmark, and what I can see from the stuff he is putting out, 65 % can unly be used in USA.
    Websites stuff, 401 k plan, buying this and that, even the email and marketing stuff or information about books, and online product creation is not possible from where I live in my country, in this way he is talking about.
    It cost alot off money, it is wery diffent from the USA.
    So he need to give out stuff for people in EU, that will work else it is no go.

    • rasmus says:

      Hi SΓΈren

      Well, I don’t think I will say that 65% is only for the USA. Actually Brendon never really dives much into operational stuff. However at one point he was telling people to go with InfusionSoft (I think he later recommended Ontraport, but not sure), however you can’t setup InfofusionSoft to use the Danish currency DKK, so I wouldn’t recommend using it. (I recommend Simplero that is also cheaper and much easier to setup).

      But other than that, I haven’t heard him talk much about US only strategies (and I’ve participated in two of his live events and a couple of his online products).


  28. Scott Hawkins says:

    Hey! not sure if this post is dead but I am heading to Brendon’s expert’s academy in a month! Wondering if anyone has any tips to perfectly prepare and get the most out of his seminar? Books to read, ect.

    Would also love to hear what it did for all of you now that it’s been a couple years since you all posted.

    • rasmus says:

      Hey Scott

      Since I participated in Experts Academy in 2011, I have written/published a book (working on #2), released several online programs in both English and Danish. I also participated in BB’s High Performance Academy last year (2015) and might take his World’s Greatest Speaker Training later this year.

      Regarding how to prepare, I don’t have much to add. You can consider reading a book or two of his. They’re a quick read πŸ™‚


  29. karnaud says:

    Bonjour Rasmus and Anabell
    i was wondering if you could help me decide whether or not register for Brendon HPA online course(will it make a difference?). i am in this stage of my life where it is very hard for me to finish anything i start. Even the daily work is becoming a challenge. i have the knowledge but i easily get distracted and not very organize(at least not as i used to be). i have some great project that i know will generate a lot of income if i can get myself to start doing it.
    i just want to get back control of my life.
    Would the course and HPA live event that will come with it worth the $1k.

    Thank you for your time

    • rasmus says:

      Hey Karnaud

      I can’t really make the decision for you :). I can only tell you that HPA (and EA for that matter) is an awesome event. I’m even going to World’s Greatest Speaker Training this November in Santa Clara as well.

      So it’s really all up to you to take action on this :).


      • karnaud says:

        thank you Rasmus!
        i think i got my answer.
        you wouldn’t spend that much many so many times if it wasn’t worthy.
        although i know we may have different motivations.
        thanks again!

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