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Free Images for Your Blog

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A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how you could find free images that you could use on your site. I can spare you a click to that post and tell you that I recommeded that you use and searched for images with the creative commons licens.

Well, now I’ve found something MUCH BETTER

Before I knew about this, I typically paid way too much money on sites such as for stock photo that I could use. There are tons of other sites like this like, GettyImages and so on…

I originally chose Dreamstime over the other because they were somewhat cheaper. You could normally get an image in a lower resolution suitable for you blog post or website for for $1. This has kind of worked out for me, but lately the prices have shot up. I now find it hard to find good photos costing less than $3!

In a world where I can get all the music I want on Spotify for less than 10 bucks per month and all the movies and series I want on places such as Netflix and Hulu for 7 bucks per month paying $3 for a single image in a super low resolution is simply way too expensive!.

I’m not quite sure what has happened to the stock photo pricing for the last year or so, but at least personally I feel that they have gone up instead of going down such as every other digital product out there.

So… When I saw these outrages prices I was faced with the choice of either shutting up and paying the price OR trying to find an alternative. And yet again I started out by going to Flickr, but I ended up just browsing through holiday photos – the stuff that gets uploaded to Flickr is mostly personal stuff and IMHO there isn’t much stuff you can really use for anything.

This lead me to do a little more research and did I find something good. Oh yeah:
Almost a half a million images in their database as of writing. The lowest resolution image is free, yes… absolutely free! And the lowest resolution is actually higher than the lowest resolution at Dreamstime that usually ended up costing $3.
Higher resolutions can be bought extremely cheap. Think $1. Fantastic!


UPDATE: Kozzi has raised their prices a lot! Now they are just like a lot of other image sites out there, but with a smaller database. I had paid for a year of free images (max 25 per day) and they have just nuked that subscription and given me 100 credits (that’s 100 images in low resolution). They didn’t even send me an email about this (or it went into the spam folder). Based on this fact, I don’t think I can recommend Kozzi anymore
Another fantastic site with 30.000+ free photos. Here you can also get hiqh quality images for free. Apparently they make their money of advertising.

And yes, if you wonder about the image on this blog post… It’s from Kozzi :). Hope you could use this small trick.

If you know of any other great sites to find free stock photo please let me know in the comments.

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16 Responses to Free Images for Your Blog

  1. Marcin says:

    I haven’t seen these sites and need to check them. Recently I’ve used , check if you like it.
    PS. How’s your backlinking service? Still in demand? 🙂

    • Rasmus says:

      Awesome tip with, I will check them out right now.
      As to my backlinking service, yeah, that’s still running quite fine. I could have more customers if I actually starting advertising my service a little more – but that’s me… The second money start coming in, I kind of loose interest and focus on building the next business 🙂

  2. Motyar says:

    Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

  3. is only free for non commercial use, Rasmus. So you cant really use it for anything?

    • Rasmus says:

      @Anders: I don’t feel my blog is “commercial use” :). But you have a good point, you should certainly read through the actual license before using any image.

  4. Thanks a lot Rasmus, another great site I used is this one it’s a great site to get nice photos and they are all for free 😀

    • Rasmus says:

      Hey Rodrigo… Yeah I’ve used in the past, but I’ve typically had a hard time actually finding any images I found usuable. But maybe I should check again.

  5. Marcin says:

    Cool:) I often loose interest before I even take action hehe.
    One thing I’m curious about: you offer a subscription service…how, without any advertising, are you able to keep more or less the same amount of customers? Especially, after Panda update, when some of them may have abandoned (to search for HQ links services), hm?

    • Rasmus says:

      I mainly get my customers through forums where I’m active. Every now and then I post there about my service. Also people are also starting to find my service through the search engines.

      I don’t offer any SEO consulting and I’m open about what type of links we build, so it’s basically up to my clients to decide if it’s worth the investment 🙂

  6. Marcin says:

    How’s your preparation to launch? Yesterday I ordered an awesome mic and can’t wait to use it to produce my first product, I’m so excited hehe.

  7. Rasmus says:

    Let me know when you launch your first product :). I’m still shooting a lot of video for my site, but I can now see the end and hopefully I can launch in March.

  8. Nathalie says:

    This is surely a great sharing, i actually didnt know there was theese free photo pages. Thank-you so much 🙂

  9. Erik Hamre says:

    Great tip thanks. I usually use Photodune ( The smallest pictures cost on average $1 which is fine with me. They are part of the network liek Codecanyon, Themeforest etc, that is, great stuff at very good price.

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Erik, Yeah there are a ton of stock photo sites. I was quite happy when I found these two. I’ve also been in contact with Kozzi about their sudden change in pricing. What they did say was they still will have a lot of free photos, but again I expect most will be paid.

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