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A Lifestyle Business – Your Instrument to Freedom

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Lifestyle BusinessAs I’m writing this, my family and I are in our house in Hua Hin, Thailand. We’re typically here for a couple of months while the dark and cold winter rages in Denmark.

My days typically consists of being woke up my my two kids, frying some eggs and bacon, showering and then spending a few ours by the pool replying to email, writing on this blog and a couple of other projects I’m currently working on.

On a side note on bacon – my 4 year old girl is crazy about bacon and I often have great success with getting her to taste new things by telling her it tastes like bacon. So most things don’t taste like chicken, they taste like bacon :)*

After lunch it’s often so hot that I prefer to go for a swim 30-50 lapses in our pool to cool down a bit, which might sound like a lot but our pool is only 9 meters long.

In the afternoon when the heat wears of we often go to the playground with the kids and for dinner we either go out, orders in or simply fetch some great Thai food from a local restaurant.

We got a maid coming four hours each day doing cleaning, dish washing and washing our clothes.

While where are here we don’t drive our self. They drive in the wrong side of the road and believe in reincarnation which is a pretty bad scenario when it comes to driving here yourself. So we get a taxi whenever we leave the house.

Now I’m not telling you to brag or anything. I’m no millionaire and I don’t drive a big ass car or anything. I’m just trying to show you how we live outside the 9-5 norm for several months each year. When we’re back in Denmark I’m still working as an IT consultant full time 3-5 months of the year.

However I’m telling you this to illustrate how your life doesn’t have to be all two parents working 9-5 with just two to three weeks of vacation a year being the only time you really get to be together with your family for more than an hour or two.

Enter the Lifestyle Business

In his book The Four Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss describes the “New Rich”.

The “old rich” was concerned with gathering wealth in form of money. The new rich are concerned with what that wealth can buy you which is TIME and MOBILITY.

And this is the main focus of a lifestyle business!

A lifestyle business are designed not to become big enterprises, their goal is not to do an million dollar IPO after X years. Their goal is to supply you with TIME and MOBILITY, to support your desired lifestyle.

This is what I call a lifestyle business and this is what I have built for myself in order to live life like I want to live it.

It’s not about living on a shoestring – I just turned 38 and I like the finer things here life and believe that backpacking is a great way to see the world but is probably reserved for the twenty something crowd.

Building a business that makes you $50,000 to $100,000 per year is a hell of lot easier than doing one that you plan on selling in five years time for 100 million.

Now if you want to create the next Facebook or the next Walmart by all means go ahead, I salute you. Just as long as you know what you’re in for.

If you instead want a life that isn’t all work and where you can focus on the things your passionate on, then a lifestyle business is for you.

And before I get a choir full of “but Rasmus, I LOVE my job…” or “I’m already an entrepreneur working 80+ hours per week on my business because I love it…” let me briefly tell you that I get this all the time.

And I typically say “good for you – now if you had one year left to live would you still go to work tomorrow?”.

The twenty something crowd without families tend to yell ABSOLUTELY at my face, but everyone with a family and near loved ones get the point by then.

So how do you start a lifestyle business then?

Well for once I would recommend that you join my newsletter list. I often send out exclusive content and video training on building a lifestyle business and living the life on your terms. It’s all free and you’ll be joining a crowd of like-minded people who all wants to break out of conformity, work less, kick ass and live more…

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6 Responses to A Lifestyle Business – Your Instrument to Freedom

  1. This all sounds so amazing, I am getting very jelaous 😉
    What do your kids do while you work? Are they entertaining themself, in school, do your wife take care of them or something else?

  2. Frugal Expat says:

    Hi Rasmus,

    I stumbled on your blog. While reading and browsing your old posts, I think I found the tribe where I belong. 🙂

    So I am signing up to get more updates.

    Cheers and see you around.. 🙂

  3. Rav says:

    Very interesting Rasmus. This is the sort of lifestyle I want. I did read the 4HWW last year and was very blown away. I have now recently graduated University here in the UK and need to think of how I am going to live.

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