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Simplero Review – how to easily sell information products

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So you want to sell information products like online courses?

Awesome! I’m totally there with you .

I love how you can put all your knowledge about a given subject into a digital product and then sell it again and again. And I’m not talking about all those crappy quickly created products out there, but products that truly help and transform the customer.

One of the most common questions I get is about the tech stuff. Maybe it’s because of my 15 years in IT, or perhaps it’s because more than 6 years was working with corporate e-learning, where I helped roll out educational programs to some of the biggest companies in Denmark.

Or maybe it’s simply because I’ve created several online courses and programs myself, in both English and Danish.

But back to dealing with technology. Because let’s face it. You’re an expert on your particular subject, not a tech savvy computer geek living and breathing computer code.

So while you can probably put together a kick ass program that can take your audience through a transformative process to some end goal, you most likely have no idea about how to get it online.

That’s where I and Simplero that I’m gonna take you though, come into the picture 🙂

Now, normally you hear about all these systems that the so called gurus are using for selling and delivering their online programs. But you know what? Most of them are not tech savvy as well, and while they most likely know a lot about their field, they often don’t get their hands dirty with the operational stuff. They rely on other people to set up all of that.

Bigger systems like InfusionSoft and Ontraport, and in the cheaper end 1ShoppingCart.

I’ve used both InfusionSoft and 1ShoppingCart myself and while I hated 1ShoppingCart and found to be an old system without much new development (in a space where everything changes really fast), InfusionSoft is a really great product.

The problem with InfusionSoft (and Ontraport I’ve heard but haven’t tried myself) is that

  1. It’s quite expensive typically costing $300/month + setup because apparently you can’t set it up without a “consultant” helping you
  2. Has a steep learning curve
  3. You need a separate system to deliver the actual program (some kind of membership software) as this is not included in InfusionSoft

Now if you’re an established company with a dedicated employee that has the time to learn InfusionSoft, and existing cashflow, then I would say that InfusionSoft would probably be worth looking at, HOWEVER

If you’re a solopreneur like me (only working with freelancers), then I would recommend that you look at Simplero.

Simplero Review

So let’s dive into the features of Simplero and why I think it’s an awesome system.

First and foremost it’s a system created with the sole purpose of selling information products. That means that if you’re planning on selling physical products, you should probably look elsewhere.

What is the big difference you ask?

Well, for one, there is no “cart”. Normally when you shop for physical products you browse through a catalog and put different items into the cart (or basket).

With information products you typically just buy one product and check out immediately. So you go from sales page directly to the checkout (and payment).

But what are the features of Simplero?

Simplero review - overview

Well a Simplero review wouldn’t be complete without a list of features…

The three main areas of Simplero are

  • Lists – these are your newsletter lists where you can send out emails to your leads.
  • Products – setup products with flexible pricing
  • Spaces – create private membership sites with content only being available to paying customers

Let’s go over them in a bit more detail…

Lists and autoresponders

Simplero review - lists
You get your leads to signup for your different lists. You can then send out single campaign emails (and schedule them of course) or you can send out autoresponders automatically after people sign up.

In general Simplero contains the basic functionality of any autoresponder service out there, but lack the more advanced stuff like split testing, geotargeting, advanced segmentation etc. If you’re after that, you can still just use a dedicated email service and bypass the functionality in Simplero.

Simplero also integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp if you want to use their service instead. Unfortunately Mailchimp is the only other email service that they integrate with.

I still use both GetResponse and Mailchimp but will most likely move all contacts to Simplero once they get more automation (like InfusionSoft, something that is currently being worked on).

Simplero supports both single and double opt in functionality (double opt in is where people will get an email after signup asking them to confirm their email address before actually adding them to the list).


Simplero review - product pricing
It’s clear that the whole product and billing area was where Simplero started. Actually the product was initially called ZenBilling.

Simplero is incredible powerful when it comes to configuring your products and prices.

It’s possible to make multiple payment plans, for example on with the full price and another in three installments.

You can also easily do subscriptions with Simplero handling everything transparently. You can do secret campaign prices where only people with the secret link, can see the campaign price.

It’s also super simple to setup campaign prices that expire after a given date, and then fall back to the list prices.

Simplero works with a ton of payment processors, but you don’t really want to mess with all that stuff. Another time I might blog about when I tried getting payment processor for 1ShoppingCart and I wasted almost a year and thousands of dollars… Well… I can just say that you don’t wanna go there…

Instead use the gateway Simplero also recommends,

You can signup and be up and running taking credit card payments with Simplero in less than 5 minutes. It’s crazy easy.

(notice that Stripe originates in the US and isn’t available in all countries, so check to see if your country is supported)


Simplero review - spaces

“Spaces” is the Simplero term for “membership site”.

These are the private areas that paying customers get access to, after purchasing a given product.

You can easily create pages with videos and downloadable handouts and worksheets. You can even insert your very own forum (although I typically prefer to use private Facebook groups).

Spaces support “dripping out content” meaning that customers will get access to content over time. Like getting a new module every week or month.

As with all features in Simplero, it’s dead easy to create and manage these Spaces.

Simplero will automatically handle access to the spaces based on the products your customers buy, and terminate access if a subscription ends.

Another cool feature is that Simplero will actually host all your videos. So you don’t need to host your videos elsewhere and you don’t need to think about protecting them from people who haven’t paid, Simplero will take care of all this for you.

So what is not so good about Simplero?

Well, I don’t really like the “Landing page designer”. You know for creating signup pages and such. Maybe it’s because I have a man crush on LeadPages and therefore compare all landing page designers with that.

While it’s ok for creating simple embedded forms for your site, you probably want to look elsewhere if you want top converting landing pages. But here there are a lot of alternatives (like my personal favorit LeadPages I just mentioned).

Also it’s not that easy to create sales funnels with multiple products. Like creating a main offer and then offering an upsell/downsell or “one time offer” afterwards.

But I guess that these kind of sales funnels are mostly limited to the internet marketing industry and not a much requested feature outside of that industry.

But I still love Simplero because…

They have everything you need for selling information products like online courses in one neat package. From collecting leads over to selling products and delivering the content.

I haven’t seen any other system out there do it as smoothly as Simplero.

Secondly it’s dead easy to use. The navigation is intuitive and you quickly learn how to use the system.

Also compared to the competition, Simplero is priced quite cheaply.

And finally, if you have any questions, then Simplero’s support is just awesome.

To be frank I’ve never experienced a better support for any software product. You can even wake up the CEO of the company in the middle of the night with a tweet (that gets converted to a text message on his phone), if there is something extremely urgent.

How many companies let you do that?

Signup to Simplero for FREE

So did you enjoy this Simplero review?

Want to try out Simplero? Good news. You can signup totally FREE OF CHARGE and test out everything as long as you need.

Only when you are ready to start selling your own products, do you have to pay for one of the (cheap) payment plans.

So you can test out pretty much every feature in Simplero before deciding on purchasing it. How awesome is that?

Click here to signup for Simplero free of charge

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10 Responses to Simplero Review – how to easily sell information products

  1. Cindy says:

    Love your review of Simplero. Did you have problems integrating Simplero’s opt in form using OptimizePRess 2’s opt form? (Overlay optimizer). I am having some problems with this.

    • rasmus says:

      Hey Cindy

      While I do own an OP2 license, I don’t really use it. It works really well with LeadPages though.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Rasmus, I read your Wishlist review and this review, great information, thank you! Do you use Simplero for selling products as well or just as a payment gateway? I’m wondering what is the benefit of having Wishlist if everything is available to sell and host the products in Simplero, it seems like it would reduce the number of moveable parts. I’m looking at Simplero for everything – online programs – but want to be sure I’m not missing something. I have a second question, I plan to have a salepage hosted on wordpress – this would be a one page website – but would it be better to host this on leadpages? Thanks for your help

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Elizabeth

      I’ve used WLM for a long time, also from before I found Simplero. You can have your membership site directly inside Simplero and that is what I’m recommending to most people these days, as it’s much less of a hazzle.

      When that is said, I’m still using WLM for my membership sites (and Simplero actually has a decent integration with it).

      On the topic of sales and landing pages. You can do them in Simplero as well, however I don’t recommend it as the design possibilities are very limited.

      Most of my landing pages come from LeadPages these days, and all of my sales pages are on my WordPress site.

      When that is said, I am currently experimenting with Clickfunnels as their designer is more flexible than the LeadPages templates. However it’s quite pricey and I keep running my head agains stupid bugs that shouldn’t be a $97/month product.

  3. Raili says:

    A collegue told me that you have a one month free trial with all the system working. How do I find that offer?

  4. I love Simplero. It’s “pain free”, efficient, and the staff is incredible.

    Thank you for your reviews; the information on the other products is spot on – a great help to those searching for the pot of gold membership site.

  5. Trevor Page says:

    Has Simplero implemented better automation since you posted this article?

    I’m using InfusionSoft and SamCart right now, but I’m really only using a small portion of the InfusionSoft functionality.

    I’m wondering if Simplero can handle the same kind of tagging and automation that InfusionSoft has.

    Also, does Simplero allow you to do upsell / downsell funnels like SamCart?

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Trevor

      Yes, that’s the awesome thing about Simplero. New features being added all the time (even though it’s not a brand new product).

      It has now some automation features yes, not as good as InfusionSoft, but it’s getting there. For instance, you can’t use “branch logic” => [if this happens, do this, else do that].

      But you can have automations that moves people from one list to another, send them a sequence of emails, text messages, add tags etc.

      And yes it got tagging. Currently it’s mainly used for segmentation (send this email to everyone with tag: “Lead: My Product Name”).

      It also has one click up/down sells that even supports external sales pages. So I have my up/down sells pages in Clickfunnels. It works really well. Once a person has bought the main product, Simplero (or rather Stripe) remembers the credit card and you can then charge for an upsell if they simply click one button. Rather nifty. Not sure if that is how it works in SamCart as well.

      So I still love it. The main drawback is still the flexibility in the design (to use your own design templates – only colors and a few images can be changed now), but I know that they’re currently working on this 🙂


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