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Why You Want to Provoke Your Blog Readers (at least just a bit)

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Why provoke your blog readers
Does the frequent use of the word “ASS” on this blog provoke your?

If it does – GREAT!

The fact is that we remember better when emotions are involved and this means that if you get all fired up over something I say (or my domain name) then there is a better chance that you will remember me and come back later.

This blog was actually renamed some time ago, and I wrote about why I changed my domain name and why I settled on “” instead.

But in this post I want to go a bit deeper and also help you realize that it’s a good thing that you cannot please everybody and you want to use it as an active strategy.

Just the other day I got the following email:

I just got tired of your crude title.
I was interested in your program but found that your use of ‘ass’ was wearing me out.
I am probably not alone, but the best decision for me was to say goodbye.
Profanity becomes exhausting.

I liked your message, hope all goes well for you.

You might find it strange, but I was really excited about getting it.

Emails such as this (and I think this is the first one being so direct) just goes to prove that I’ve successfully provoked someone. I really like the fact that Rob took the time to sit down and formulate this rather than just hit the unsubscribe button of my newsletter.

I actually ended up spending 30 minutes going through Rob’s website and giving him a few pointers on how he could improve that and his business model.

Not that one subscriber more or less would have an impact on my blog or business, but because I felt that I owed him something for spending time writing me about his thoughts.

It’s not the provocation that is the goal

You have to remember this. I’m a nice guy and I would prefer that all people who I met thought so to.

So the goal with my brand is not to piss people off and have them hate me.

But instead to spark some kind of emotion in the visitor.

And since I’m not a particular sophisticated guy I opted to go for the profanity angle with this blog (and jokes about naked nuns, but that’s mainly when I’ve had a few beers 😉 ).

Emotions are the key to have memories stick

dog and cat
You probably remember some events in your life better and more vivid than others, right?

Whether those are when you had to get up on stage in that school recital or your wedding al those years ago, they are all tied together by emotions such as fear and happiness.

On a more scientific note, researches recently found a part in the brain, the orbitofrontal cortex that is in charge of linking memories with emotions.

This means that it’s a great idea to include emotions with anything you want people to remember. Whether that is a blog or a big product brand (just look at the ads on the TV and tell me how much is spend on educating you on the product and how much is being spent on sparking your emotions).

I just added the picture of the cute pets to prove my point. 😉

Take a good look at them and tell me that you don’t feel anything! Hopefully this will help you remember that emotions are tied to memory.

However there are some guidelines to remember

  • Pleasant emotions such as extreme hapiness are usually remembered better than unpleasant ones such as fear and sadness.
  • It’s the emotional arousal that helps the memory not the importance of the information

Of course based on this, you could probably argue that I should have named my blog “RetireSuperHappy” instead 🙂

It’s ok that not everyone like you

If you want to cater to everyones taste, you end up having to serve something from the lowest common denominator – something totally stripped of all emotions.

Instead you should be bold.

Be passionate about your message and focus on those raving readers that it resonates with.

Chances are that you will use your emotion to spark a passion in their hearts as well.

So that is why my blog is named like this and I write like I do

I’m passionate about helping people just like you to break out of the standard way of living where you need to go to a 9-5 each day.

And I usually tell people that it’s all about “working less and living more”

If this message doesn’t resonate with you, fine! With millions of blogs out there, I’m sure that there is someone you will end up liking.

But if you other hand can see through all my profanity, poor grammar and foul language and you’re looking for another way of life, then I would invite you to come back for another peek at what I’m currently up to!

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5 Responses to Why You Want to Provoke Your Blog Readers (at least just a bit)

  1. Noble says:

    I love your post. I realized a long time ago that we can not please everyone, and that’s when I decided to focus on pleasing myself and being true to myself. I think that many people have personal, unresolved issues in their lives that they are not addressing, and it is causing them a lot of dysfunction in their lives. They really need to let that shit go because profanity can be therapeutic. Lol When we hold things in and repress situations that bother us, it can lead to physical, emotional, and psychological problems if left unchecked and unresolved. Keep doing your thing. I think what you are doing is great. Your blog is an inspiration. Blog On!


  2. Rasmus says:

    Thanks Noble 🙂

    What world would we live in if we couldn’t “kick ass” every now and then…


    • Noble says:

      I know right. I think that religion plays a big part. It has been used to control and manipulate the world. I’m so glad that I opened my eyes and stopped letting external forces control my life. I like being in control of my own life without society or anyone else telling me that I’m wrong to live my life freely. I mean after all, we were born free. If we want to use a little harmless profanity to release some tension, then who can be mad? We’re just living our lives.


  3. Jan Koch says:

    Great stuff Rasmus,
    thanks for being so open!

    Making a memorable impact within the first seconds a new visitor comes to our site is probably the single most important aspect in creating a platform. And you hit the nail on the head, saying emotions are the way to go.

    In fact, people like Derek Halpern or Pat Flynn are that successful, because already their bold headers arouse the curiosity of their readers – and that’s what makes visitors stick to their sites and opt in for the mailing lists.

    It’s a lesson I’m sharing with my students of Restart Academy as well, because especially aspiring entrepreneurs need to increase their self esteem to be proud of who they are and to stand the ground for themselves.

    Hopefully lots of people see this post and become more aware of who they are and how to express themselves!

    All the best,

    • Rasmus says:

      Thanks Jan, I guess you cannot please everybody. But your rough edges are what makes you and trying to hide them won’t do you any good.

      We are who we are with all our flaws, bad language and kick ass attitude – hopefully that is also what people are attracted to 🙂

      – Rasmus

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