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You Probably Want to Plan That…

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Rasmus LindgrenSo I found a commercial plugin that I wanted to buy over at The Warrior Forum. A word of warning, if you don’t like to be tempted with a lot of great sales copywriting and that will make you part from your money, don’t go over there.

I usually hate all the hype over all the WSOs (Warrior Special Offer) that are being sold their as most of it is totally crap where there has gone more time into creating insane sales letters than the actual product.

Actually that’s one of the reasons why I really hate the expression “Internet Marketing“. It assumes that the most important thing is to market stuff to people instead of providing value to them. If I should choose an expression I like “online business” better. Here you indicate that you have a “real” business but have chosen to run it online.

Well, this post shouldn’t really turn into a giant rant of the internet marketing industry, but I feel that I have to mention it now that I’m also bringing The Warrior Forum up. And don’t get me wrong you can find a lot of really great tips in there as there are some really clever guys (and gals) in there, I’m just kind of fed up with all the products being launched there and their quality.

But back to the story. I fell for one of the sales letters that was pushing a WordPress plugin. It had to do with integrating my WordPress blog with Facebook with the end goal of giving me more Likes and attracting more people to my newsletter.

Most WSOs are really cheap in order to attract people to the offer, but then have tons of upsells once you purchased the original product.

So the product was something like $9.95 not too shabby for a WordPress plugin and at least something I could afford to throw a couple of hours after at this low price.

Of course there were a ton of upsell offers and one of them included some hosted SSL for I believe it was $29. Now for the non-techie, SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer and is the technology we use to secure pages online, you know when you log into your bank (or Facebook for that matter).

WTF? Do I need to set up some SSL for this to work? And then I got a little mad. I had purchased this plugin at $9.95 because I thought that it would help me only to discover that I had to buy something more to get this working. Notice that even though I have several websites and blogs and run businesses online, I’ve never had to use SSL before.

(The reason is that Facebook requires an SSL when you work with your own “Facebook App”.)

And then I got a little pissed (to put it mildly ;)). Instead of just paying the $29 once and have them host everything, I decided to buy my own SSL certificate and install it on my own hosting account.

So this cost me $5.95 per year for 5 years => 29.75 and then this required that I had a dedicated IP address (web server phone number) on my hosting account, this set me back another $30 (per year but I’m only paying for one year at a time).

So this 10 buck plugin ended up costing me close to $70. Hmmm… maybe not such a good deal now where I really just wanted to test the plugin, right?!

So everything was setup, I spent close to half a day getting all this setup simply because I got pissed over an upsell, but things should get much worse than this.

Now spending $70 is nothing with the cash-flow I got in my business, but I hate wasting time!

Then disaster struck…

As my hosting company added the dedicated IP (after I’d paid the $30) all my sites basically went away. Because now the domain names (like was pointing to the wrong IP address. And to make things worse, I only discovered this the next morning. So this blog and a couple of my product sites had been down for a lot of hours!

As I’m writing this the sites are all up in the US, but visitors from Europe are still having some issues loading the sites. Hopefully this will clear up within the next 12 hours.

So to sum up…

I expected to spend $9.95 and trying a WP plugin spending maybe 30 minutes to an hour and generally being in a good mood.

Well, I ended up spending $70 and more than half a day, 10+ sites down for more than 12 hours and generally feeling pissed enough to write this blog post.

So, let’s cool down a little.

Some wise and objective words: There is no failure, only feedback

But let’s summarize what have I learned from this?

1) I should take my own advice and don’t fall for sales letters on The Warrior Forum
2) I should be better to see the whole picture and plan better instead of only thinking of the next step. As someone working with IT I knew (if I had stopped up to think) that getting a new IP would mess up my sites.

So in short! “Rasmus, even when you’re pissed YOU PROBABLY WANT TO PLAN THAT!

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4 Responses to You Probably Want to Plan That…

  1. Halfdan Timm says:

    You didn’t want to turn this into a giant rant over internet marketing – but that would really be interesting to read, and it’s a subject I’ve scraped the surface of before too. If I and a few others suggest it, would we then be able to tempt you into writing one?

    I’d love to read your views on that!

    • Rasmus says:

      Hey Halfdann

      Yeah that would make a blog post or two :).

      I’m generally trying to come off as a nice and optimistic guy, so I’ve usually kept the ranting quite sober and tried to stick to more positive subjects.

      But perhaps it’s time to get a little opinionated 🙂 and kick som IM ass.

      • Halfdan Timm says: 😉

        You’ve done a proper job of keeping the sober tone, too. And I bet most of your readers appreciate that. But a single post with all your rantings in it – the internet marketing business deserves it, as your post here shows so well. Both for the danish and international market. And I could hardly imagine anyone more fitting to write it than you.

        I’ll see if I can get some support for my brilliant suggestion!

        • Rasmus says:

          Ah, sorry about the name (a bit quick on the iPhone, think it even autocorrected to one “n” but I insisted it was two :)).

          I guess most of my views is on the US market. The Danish market is much more relaxed and don’t have all the “get rich quick” products. But heck, if I’m taking a swing I might as well hit everything I can, right… 😀

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